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Breeds in Europe

Our world has become really small, Europe even smaller. Borders and distances these days don't matter much anymore. It's usual that puppies born for example in Norway find their forever homes in Poland or Portugal. We are here to help You to find kennels that have the breed You're looking for. None of the kennels here is inserted by admins or automatically - so You see only the breeders who actually want to be found and are willing to communicate with You.

Growing day by day

The number of kennels in our database is constantly growing, depending on activity of breeders. Currently we have 240 kennels here. Tomorrow definitely more. So if You didn't find what You need today - come back next week! We also encourage breeders to keep there profiles up to date with new pictures and fresh information. And help this site to become better by using share button above.

Services and goods for dogs and owners

  • Accessories (crates, toys, collars, beds etc)
  • Hotels, transport

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