About us

The non-profit organization Tali Group was founded in 2012.
Our mission is to promote purebred dogs and different breeds; to educate public about "pedigree dogs without papers" and other threats; to distribute information about decent breeders and kennels.

Some time ago we discovered for our great surprise that if a person wants to find specific breeds in specific European countries - there's nowhere to search from! As we couldn't find any solution for our needs, we decided to help the others facing the same problem.
That's how EuroKennels began.

None of the kennels here is inserted automatically or by administrators. We rely totally on activity of breeders which results to desired fact - all the kennels one can see here belong to real breeders who actually want to be found and are willing to communicate with all dog-people.

Tali Group accepts no responsibility for any mistakes or misleading information in kennels' profiles. All the data is inserted by the breeders and we do not double-check it. If you notice whatever incorrect data in any profile - there is a reporting link below profiles.